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Was your ancestor an apprentice?

The Society of Genealogists is delighted to publish My Ancestor was an Apprentice by Stuart Raymond. This new book is full of help and  advice for researchers wanting to access and use apprenticeship records in England, beginning with their origins in Medieval London. My Ancestor was an Apprentice is available at £8.99 from the Society of Genealogists bookshop, and online at

My Ancestor was a Coalminer – new edition

The Society of Genealogists is delighted to publish the fully revised second edition of My Ancestor was a Coalminer by David Tonks. This book is of tremendous use to anyone with coalminers in their family tree. The author was brought up in an East Durham colliery village and consequently the lives, work and communities of coalminers are vividly brought to life.  There is comprehensive chapter devoted to sources to encourage further research and a very helpful glossary of mining terms . This and many other books are available from the Society of Genealogists bookshop, and online at 


Did your ancestor work on the railways?

The Society of Genealogists has just published My Ancestor was a Railway Worker, a new book to aid family historians with research into railway records. The book is written by Frank Hardy FSG, who worked on the railways as a civil engineer for 50 years. Frank has also been involved with the Society of Genealogists in various capacaties since 1981. This and many other books are available from the society’s bookshop or via the online shop at

Was your ancestor a domestic servant?

The Society of Genealogists has published My Ancestor Was In Service by Pamela Horn. This new book will help anyone with their research into domestic servants. Domestic servants were by far the largest occupational group in the 1911 census and as a result, this book should appeal to family historians everywhere. This book and many other family history books are available in our online bookshop at

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