Saturday, 5 December from 10:30am-5pm with John Hanson and Alec Tritton (£30/£24), must be pre-booked

Finding burial records:
One of the biggest problems facing family historians is trying to tracking down the burial place of an ancestor who died in London (mind the principals discussed can be used in other large areas). The first two lectures of this day looks at the problem, understanding what is available and some of the methods that can be employed. (sessions 1 & 2 John Hanson)

Lost London Burial Grounds
(Not for those with a delicate stomach)
Before the great fire, there was a church equivalent to every 3 acres in the City of London. 86 churches were destroyed in the fire and 34 were not rebuilt. Christopher Wren was given the task of rebuilding 51 of these churches of which 28 no longer exist. Today only 40 parish churches exist and all the burial grounds in the City are closed.
By 1895 there were 362 identifiable burial grounds in London of which 41 were still in use. As London grew at least one graveyard was burying at the rate of 2300 bodies per acre per year. Where are these burial grounds, what is now on the site, where are the records and what happened to the human remains, if the site was built on.
This lecture will discuss some of the more gruesome aspects of burial in the metropolis leading to the closure of the city burial grounds, what happened to those grounds, the bodies interred within and the whereabouts of the records. The audience will get a better understanding of burials and burial records of London. (sessions 3 & 4 with Alec Tritton)

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