I was fascinated to hear of a useful genealogy resource for anyone who has a connection with divers in their family history.


As I live in Whitstable which has a rich history of diving I was especially interesting to receive an email from Gary Wallace-Potter of The Historical Diving Society . He tells me the HDS orignally started compiling the Divers Index, in 1997 as an occupation database of Divers, Divers Tenders, Attendants and Linesmen, and Diving Related Trades.  The Society’s aim  is ‘to promote an interest in, and the preservation of our diving heritage’ and the Index is symbolic of this by making it accessible to the public, in particular family historians, and researchers.

The original source of information for the Index was extracted from Census Returns, C19th Newspapers and other historical documents, and therefore was predominately of C19th people.

However,  with the Internet  new documents are becoming accessible. Through various exhibitions  and events that the Historical Diving Society Society conduct throughout the year they have expanded their source of names into the C20th.  This is an on-going project and the aim is eventually to create the Index into an ‘On-line searchable database’, but presently all enquiries are dealt with manual, via email contact from the Historical Diving Society web-site, postal or direct contact.

To date the Historical Divers Index comprises approximately 4900 names of divers, divers tenders, attendants, linesmen, and diving related trades.

If you have any inquiries about diving history please do pass your details onto the Historical Diving Society  who will be only too happy to help.

clip_image002 The Historical Diving Society – Divers Index

c/o 2 St. Lawrence Way

Bricket Wood

St. Albans, Hertfordshire


Home Tel: 01923 – 400906

Email: diversindex@thehds.com

Web: www.thehds.com

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