Use of the Society’s Badge

SoG logo

The Society’s Badge may not be used on a Web page without the express permission of the Society. Anyone wishing to use the Society’s badge on the Web should apply to the Chief Executive. Permission will normally be granted as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. It acts as a link to the Society’s Web site
  2. It is used to link to one of:

    (The badge may not be used when linking to other sub-pages within the SoG site.)

  3. The image is not modified in any way (apart from re-sizing using HEIGHT & WIDTH attributes)
  4. The filename is not altered
  5. The image is accessed from a copy on the linking server and not via a link to the Society’s server
  6. The linked page does not come up in a frame which makes it appear that the SoG’s Web site is part of the site providing the link.
  7. It is not used in such a way as to imply that the linking site or its maintainer are endorsed by the Society
  8. The Society is kept informed if the URL of the site changes.

Three versions of the badge are available:

Where permission to use the badge is granted, any of these may be used.

Linking to the Society’s Web site

The Society welcomes links to its Web site, and does not expect you to ask permission to do so. However, you are requested to:

  • ensure that links to the SoG Web site do not make it appear in a frame
  • check links regularly to ensure that they remain correct
  • ensure that the link is not used to imply that the linking site or its maintainer are endorsed by the Society.

In particular, members of the Society are reminded that the Society’s regulations require that

  • No Member of the Society shall use the fact of Membership or Fellowship to imply competence or proficiency in genealogical or associated skills nor to derive professional or financial advantage. Members shall not use the letters M.S.G. or any alternative thereto.

In general it is intended that the filenames and locations of pages on the site should remain stable