Newly published by the Society of Genealogists, My Ancestor was a Studio Photographer, by Robert Pols is a new book  written to assist in the research of ancestors who were engaged in commercial studio photography. Photography was very much a growth industry in the Victorian era, with 6000 entries on the PhotoLondon database for phographers in the London area alone between 1841 and 1901. This book will help family historians and researchers in locating sources relating to these uniquely skilled ancestors. The book also suggests places to search for surviving examples of the work produced by these photographers.

After a career in further education and industrial journalism, Robert Pols now writes about early photographs and photography. The Author of several books on the subject, he also contributes a regular Photo Detective feature to Family History Monthly magazine.

My Ancestor was a Studio Photographer is available from the Society of Genealogists bookshop and online at, price £9.99.


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