A one-name study is the study of a particular surname (and it’s variants), which researches and documents all persons bearing that surname, as distinct from researching all the ancestors or descendants of one person.
This full-day course will be of interest to all family historians although those who are thinking of starting or extending a one-name study are particularly welcome. There is an admission charge of £5/4 (normally £30/24 for a full-day course, but the remainder is subsidised by the Halsted Trust).


1. Using Pay-per-View Websites n(Alec Tritton)

2. Apprenticeship Records (Geoff Riggs)

 3. Surname Searching in the SoG Library (Else Churchill)

4. The Guild of One-Name Studies (Howard Benbrook)

Places should be pre-booked by visiting our secure website

or by telephone: 020 7553 3290

For more information, contact the events co-ordinator: events@sog.org.uk



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