The Society’s Book of the Month for January is My Ancestor was in Service, by Pamela Horn. By the end of the Victorian era, nearly a third of all women and also many men in England and Wales had been a domestic worker at some time in their lives. This book seeks to give some guidance in researching ancestors who were in service or who themselves employed domestic staff. Dr. Pamela Horn lectured in economic and social history at Oxford Polytechnic and has written a number of books on social history topics covering the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. My Ancestor was in Service is available with an extra 20% discount in addition to your existing members’ discount during the offer period, and is available, along with many other titles, from the Society’s bookshop. We are having an extended offer this month due to the later New Year reopening, so this offer will end on 21/02/12. Offer excludes trade orders.


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