Rare Find: Admiral Forbes explanation for refusing to sign Admiral Byng’s death warrant. (Treasures Tuesday 7th September 2010)

The Society is pleased to have a 253 year old document by Admiral Forbes explaining his reasons for not signing the death warrant of Admiral Byng. Click here to view this document and other treasures of the Society.

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Treasures Tuesday (6th July 2010) Marriage Licences

This weeks Treasures Tuesday looks at the Society’s extensive collection of Marriage Licences and demonstrates how these simple documents can be extremely revealing. Click here to find out more about this and other family history documents.

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Treasures Tuesday (6 April 2010) Marriage Settlements

For our second week of ‘Treasures Tuesday’s’ the spotlight is on Marriage Settlements.



Marriage Settlements outline a form of pre nuptial agreement between the two families. These documents shed light on the practice of marriage in the mid 18th century.

To find out more visit http://www.familyhistorytreasures.org.uk/

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