Another slightly unusual source has been made available for family history 

I’m indebted to Michael Dunn who has sent a note to remind me that the marine news contained in Lloyd’s List for the period 1740-1837 has been indexed by the Guildhall Library, London. Michael has now scanned and made images of the  Lloyd’s List marine news notices to compliment the index and both the images and the link to the Guildhall Library’s index is available at

Michael’s website is intended to provide information on the War of 1812 and the Prisoners of War. American privateers added to the offensive capability of the United States. He draws on sources from the UK at TNA and in North America and the site is extremely interesting.

Lloyd’s List is a newspaper devoted to marine news and shipping movements; principally for the merchant shipping community but now a valuable source for anyone interested in maritime activity of the period. In particular it records the movements of ocean going vessels and marine news of casualties, ‘speakings’ and other events involving individual vessels..

This database has been compiled from copies of Lloyd’s List deposited at Guildhall Library by Lloyd’s of London as part of the Lloyd’s Marine Collection. The database is an index to the marine news section of Lloyd’s List for the period 1740 – 1837. Please note that only the news items are included; the ordinary shipping movements have not been indexed. The news items are remarkable and, as you can see from the example image below, Llods shipping news 09-20-1814 packed with names of ships and their owners showing arrivals and sailings.

Note there are some omissions. The database excludes the years 1742, 1745, 1754, 1756, 1759 and 1778, for which Guildhall Library does not have copies of Lloyd’s List. In addition there are only the Old Style dates January 1 to March 24 for the years 1740, 1743 and 1746.

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